Switch from Bluebeam to Geometra

There are many similarities but also a couple of crucial differences between Geometra and Bluebeam Revu. The main difference for you as a user is that you work on a project level in Geometra while you do this at the file level in Bluebeam Revu. Geometra is entirely cloud-based, so you don't need to install anything locally. You can log in with your username and password from any device. Since Geometra works across platforms, you can run it on PC, Mac, and Linux. Bluebeam Revu is only updated and upgraded for PC, while Bluebeam Revu for Mac is no longer in development.

You upload files, documents, and descriptions to the projects Drive. Within the framework of the project, you then work from take-offs to the tender calculation, if desired. Geometra is so much more than a program for take-offs. In Geometra, you can directly connect measured objects from the project's drawings and files to rows to create information about the work to be carried out, select materials, pricing for the job, and specify time consumption. You then export the rows to Excel with just a few keystrokes and get a CSV file.

Geometra vs Bluebeam

Head to head feature comparison.
PDF and 2D drawings
View PDF, create annotations and make takeoffs.
IFC and 3D drawings
View IFC-files, extract data and browse the model.
Document Viewer
View a wide range of file types like word, Excel, PPT, JPEG and more.
Converts to PDF
Calculation Rows
Add multiple rows to a single object for costs, materials, time and documentation.
Cost Estimation Framework
Build your own library of calculation rows to easily re-use and standardise your estimation process.
Multiple Project Versions
Create alternate solutions for a project by adding additional estimates.
Collaborate with Others
Use the tool to collaborate on projects with other users.
All Platforms
Works on Windows, OS X and Linux.
Windows Only
Support & training
Free support & free online courses
Made in Sweden
Created and developed in Ystad, Sweden

Cost estimation functionality

By connecting a row directly to one or more objects, you enter information about segments/building parts, work, materials, unit price, and time. This gives you a clear overview of the project. A calculation row containing a formula you have set up, or a specific material, can easily be saved in a row library or shared with other Geometra users within the same work team/department if you wish.


Access to the program from any device, whether from a PC, Mac or Linux. Updates happen seamlessly, and all project information is automatically saved "in the cloud" when logging out. You are guaranteed to always work on the updated version of your project.

Version management

You can easily duplicate a project to calculate alternative calculations or create and enter additional works during the project/production. By duplicating a project, you do not change the original tender document but work on a different version. You then have the original version as a reference to compare with throughout the project's life.

Share information in a project

‍All updates and changes in a project happen in real-time. There are two license versions for Geometra; a Creator and a Viewer variant. With the Creator license, you can create projects, objects and take-offs. With one (or more) Viewer licenses, you can view drawings and objects and set the status of the various work steps and elements connected to an object. The viewer license is primarily for supervisors and craftsmen in the field, who can report back to the person responsible for estimations or the project manager about the status of the work process. This is easily done via tablet. Simultaneously, the work team always has access to current drawings and rows.

Support and training in Geometra

As a Geometra user, you are guaranteed quick help via our personally staffed support. You can easily reach support via chat inside the program, telephone, or e-mail. We regularly hold courses for beginners looking to get started and experienced users who want to deepen their knowledge about cost estimation. All training and courses are included in the license, and you can participate in an unlimited number of courses during the license period.

How to switch