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We believe in making software that is easy to use, for everyone. And that's exactly what we deliver: The construction industry's simplest quantity takeoff tool. Every day, thousands of people use Geometra to calculate at work.

Are you doing quantity takeoffs today?

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July 11, 2024

Geometra - v5.0.4

More updates and minor improvements are making their way to Geometra this week. Summer and vacations aren't holding us back from delivering more improvements and fixes to Geometra.
July 5, 2024

Geometra - v5.0.3

We continue the small and fast releases for Geometra 5, addressing a few issues and features in each release based on feedback from our wonderful users. This update contains a new search filter for matching strings exactly, along with a few bug fixes to improve overall app quality.
July 1, 2024

Geometra - v5.0.2

We're making another small update for Geometra 5 which solves a few bugs and adds some smaller improvements. Key improvements from this release is the real time sharing of template data outside of projects between users and that search filters now persist through project and estimate swapping.
Our products are easy to learn and use

Easy to learn, simple to use

Our products are easy to learn and use, regardless of prior knowledge. We excel in programming and development but also understand the value of good user-friendliness.

We educate

When you test or purchase a product from us, we give you our entire focus. You receive free training, and we are close when you need assistance. Additionally, we provide students with lectures digitally and at various schools nationwide. Did you know that we offer student licenses in Geometra?

Student licenses in Geometra
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