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Great software should be user friendly, minimalistic and productive. Too many buttons, feature bloat and cluttered UIs cause tons of time wasted trying to navigate through applications and hinder streamlining your workflow.

Try a Rukkor application instead; our three core principles of being User Friendly, Minimalistic and Productive will transform your work into a Zen-like experience.

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Geometra is a specialised tool for the construction industry. It supports 2D/PDF drawings, 3D/IFC models and allows you to create competitive tenders using 2D, 3D and BIM alongside a fully customisable cost estimation framework.


eKalkyl is a cost estimation tool specifically designed for Swedish painting entrepreneurs. It’s based on HusAMA and includes an adapted version of Geometra tailored for this specific use case.


Aukfonst lets you draw and calculate complex window renovation projects. Based on our data of 25+ years worth of time studies for very specialised craftsmanship.

We will transfer Aukfonst to Auktoriserat Fönsterunderhåll AB on June 1st, 2023

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We are creating beautiful products with minimalistic design and great user experiences. These three core principles are at heart when we take on a project. We apply them diligently in our products and work to provide the best possible products and services.