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A completely tailored cost estimation experience

With the cost estimation framework for Geometra, you can easily convert your old spreadsheets into a registry of estimation entries. Carefully set it up and reuse it to your heart’s content and make sure you create consistent, accurate and competitive tenders for your projects.

A framework

We believe you know how your organisation sets itself up to complete projects and keep them profitable. Your experience is something we value highly, and we’ve built our tool for you to make use the most use of it.

Whether it’s in your head, on a napkin or an organised spreadsheet, it’s fast and straightforward to set up and build out your cost estimation database with our framework.

Multiple estimates

Upload your models to your project. Geometra will pre-process them into a format that accurately represents the model while allowing for a fast and smooth experience when viewing and navigating IFC models. Link parts of your model to your estimate and add rows to generate prices and production times.

Models take up a large amount of storage, so all Geometra projects have unlimited cloud storage per project.

Geometra supports the following IFC standards:
IFC2, IFC2x3, IFC2x3zip, IFC4 and IFC4add2


As humans, we’re sometimes prone to being stressed, answering the phone while doing other things or simply having a slow day. This is where Geometra can help you avoid those small, costly mistakes like setting a negative price, deducting too much, and ending up with negative quantities.

Geometra will try to help you avoid these by presenting clear indicators in your estimate so you don’t lose money unnecessarily.

Predefined estimate structure

Most of the time, you’ll benefit from setting up your projects in the same way or using the same foundations for how you create your tenders. Define your templates in Geometra for the estimate structure you wish to use. Everyone in your organisation can reuse the same system, ensuring you provide a consistent setup and allowing for as many colleagues as possible to join, thus improving the project success rate.

Quantity takeoff with Geometra, super easy

We’ve made producing quantities and collecting them from various drawings, models, images and even documents easy. Anyone can do it, meaning it’s easy to ask a colleague for help when you’re pressed for work. It takes less than 20 minutes to get up and running!

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