Takeoff for 2D and 3D

Companies spend significant amounts of time establishing their bill of quantities to base their estimates on. With Geometra, you can create fast and accurate takeoffs from 2D/PDF drawings and 3D/BIM models as a base for your tender.

With our solution, you can easily combine data from both 2D and 3D into one bill of quantities and either price it in Geometra directly or export the data to your preferred estimation tool.

Cost Estimation Framework

The best judge of price and time for your work is you. We believe that most companies already have established models and data for how they wish to price and time their work for their tenders.

In Geometra, you can re-use all of your experience and create your own dataset with the price and time for your work. Bring your current professional expertise into Geometra and enhance and combine it with Geometras other features.

Track project progress

All projects start somewhere; most of them take their first form in terms of the cost estimation and the tender created from that work. With Geometra, you can leverage all that work into setting up your tender into a smooth project follow-up process.

Using our ‘Workflow’, you can track progress on Documents, Objects and even individual estimation rows and decide the level of detail you wish to track your project. We trust you know how you want to work; let us enhance your current processes by adding Geometras features to them.

Store project documentation

For every project you create, you get a project-specific Drive where you can store all of the documentation, blueprints, and IFC models you need.
Upload your files to your project, and you can start making notes, setting workflow status and creating quantity take-offs and estimates from them in minutes. All files are automatically shared with everyone in your team who have access to the project.

Geometras projects all come with unlimited storage, so you don’t have to worry about capping out; we have plenty of space for you to use.


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Many companies spend far too much time calculating and bidding. On average an object is calculated 5-7 times during the projects lifetime. In Geometra you only measure once and reuse the estimation and information.*

*An object can be a room, a wall, a door or any other object that you measure or calculate. A projects lifetime is the total time from tender to production, completed construction and cost accounting
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