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A complete cost estimation solution for swedish painters

  • Measure and cost estimate
  • Create work documentation
  • Based on HusAMA

On October 6th 2023, 3ka Metrics takes over operation and management of eKalkyl

From October 6th, 3ka Metrics will be responsible for everything related to eKalky: Renewal of licenses, invoices, support and training. Please visit ekalkyl.se for further information.

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Based on HusAMA

eKalkyl is based on HusAMA and has more than 1.25 million combinations of prices for work and material available to choose from. We’ve used the union based pricelist as a base for creating a full registry of prices and times for work.

Major suppliers available

Every project starts with choosing your preffered supplier for materials. Prices can be adjusted based relative to your own prices and we make use of the “lowest list price” that we continuously update in the application. In eKalkyl you’ll find the prices from the following suppliers:

 - Alcro
 - Beckers
 - Caparol
 - Flügger
 - Nordsjö

Import takeoffs from Geometra

eKalkyl ships with a dedicated version of Geometra built in which allows your to perform takeoffs and import them into your project. These measurements can be assigned to cost estimation rows and used for pricing.

Automatic cloud backups

eKalkyl runs on Java, which needs to be installed and has automatic cloud backups of all your projects. You don’t have to worry about your computer breaking or being stolen. We’ve got you covered. Log in from anywhere and access all your projects.

Calculate your next painting project with eKalkyl

When working with cost estimation in eKalkyl, you use HusAMA as a description based on current local union contracts. Combined with HusAMA, you can choose any of the five big painting suppliers, Alcro, Beckers, Caparol, Flügger or Nordsjö. Choose your favourite supplier and use their products when you calculate your project.

Your in good company!