Measure and calculate complex window renovation projects

  • Suitable for projects of all sizes
  • Create work documentation
  • Based on time studies of craftsmen

Three steps for calculating window renovations

1. Set up your window

By entering the window’s dimensions, frame type and bars, AukFonst draws the window in the calculation program.
2. Select work actions

Click on the work actions per window for the window type. Paint scraping, putty removal, new putty, etc. All steps in a window renovation are predefined for you to choose from, but you can also add your custom options if needed.
3. Optional work

Enter options for your window renovation such as Replacing the frame base piece, New corner irons, glass replacements, etc. The options apply to all windows in the selected window type

All steps, standard times and costs are viewed in the calculation summary for the renovation of the window type. In the project summary, all window types in your project are compiled into totals.

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Costs, materials, work documentation and much more. Aukfonst has a wide range of features that allow all companies to benefit significantly from using our cost estimation tool regardless of size.

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Aukfonst makes it easy for you to calculate window renovation projects of all sizes. Draw your windows, mark arches and bars and specify actions. Standard time and price are estimated for all work. You get complete calculation summaries for your window renovation projects.
It is easy to choose price options and other costs connected to your window calculations. Aukfonst is easy to get started with, and all support is included. Try now!

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