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Unleash the full potential of your estimate

Once you’ve created a tender and won the project, it’s time to get into production. Duplicate the estimate and start tracking your project using statuses and making changes and additions as you go along. The original estimate is still correct, making for easy comparison.

Multiple production scenarios

Setting up multiple scenarios for your project or tracking changes and additions to work can quickly be done via adding another estimate to the project.

Copying data from a current estimate to try out a different production scenario is a fast and straightforward way to cost optimise your projects.

Follow-up on objects

Whether you’re working on the tender or in the production estimate, you can easily track your progress by setting status for objects and parts as you go along.

These can easily be filtered in the estimate tree to quickly get an idea of how your project is doing, what’s in progress, what needs reviewing and which parts have already been completed.

Track indivual labour

Along tracking status on a higher level like objects and parts, you can also break it down for more complex operations into tracking projects on individual estimation rows for each object.

This fine-grained method of tracking work lets you get into the nitty-gritty details and makes for an incredible way to follow up on work.

Bring it out in the field

Geometra Viewer allows workers in the field to bring up the estimate and view documents and work to be done and set the status for when they complete work. This makes Geometra a daily workhorse that everyone in your organisation benefits from using.

Quantity takeoff with Geometra, super easy

We’ve made producing quantities and collecting them from various drawings, models, images and even documents easy. Anyone can do it, meaning it’s easy to ask a colleague for help when you’re pressed for work. It takes less than 20 minutes to get up and running!

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