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Store and share any amount of files

We often need to store various files and documents when working on projects. With Geometra, you have a place where all those files are stored securely. It’s also easy to share access with other team members as long as they’re part of your organisation.

Unlimited storage

Remove the frustration and worry about picking the right storage plan for your projects. Upload and store as much data as you wish for each of your projects with Geometra.

Previewing files

Geometra has two powerful viewers which load previews of your files. A PDF and document viewer and an IFC/BIM viewer.

Using Geometras Drive, you can upload and view various drawings, documents, images and 3D models.

In progress, Review or Completed

In our Drive, you can track the workflow status for files by setting status for them. This makes it easy to keep things organised and ensure everyone in your team is up to date on the current state of the data you’re using for the project.

Consistency with Templates

Usually, when we set up our projects, we tend to do it the same way every time to ensure we don’t miss anything and keep them structured to make sense.

Create Templates for your Drives and ensure that everyone works through the same process for document management. An efficient approach to handling documents makes life easier for everyone.

Can you afford to not give Geometra a try?

Companies spend tons of time and money establishing their bill of quantities for every project they work on. Use Geometra for your takeoff and estimation and save on average four hours per project when it comes to takeoff and estimation.

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