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Cost estimation tool that makes it easy to estimate everything in landscaping such as paving, backfilling, turfing etc.

Easy-to-use calculation software for landscaping

Many companies spend far too much time calculating and bidding. With the help of Geometra, you can facilitate the calculation process and make the follow-up easy during the project. Geometra is the calculation software that makes everyday life easier for anyone in the construction industry, regardless of whether you calculate or work in production.

From tender to finished production

• Once a request is received, you can create your bid calculation in Geometra

• When the bid has been won, it is important that you lock in your calculation and duplicate the bid calculation instead. It will then functions as a live production calculation.

• In the production calculation, you handle all changes during the production life cycle; everything from client changes to changes in price and time. In the production calculation, you follow up on the progression of the project together with the team by entering the status of work steps like Not started, Ongoing, Review and Completed.

• When your project is finished, it is wise to do a post-calculation and gather experiences that can be worth keeping for future projects.

Create bids faster with stored spreadsheets

Geometra puts your knowledge first. Your conditions control the calculation, and there are no standardized prices. You decide how long it takes to, for example, lay paving stones or tiles on a particular surface and how much it will cost the customer. You can reuse your spreadsheets when you calculate the next bid by saving them. This way, you build a register for various elements, containing calculation spreadsheets, prices, etc.

Lots of irregular shapes

Geometra can calculate surfaces with both slopes and irregular shapes. This makes it easy to calculate material and time within the software. Geometra calculates surfaces using drawings, 2D or 3D models, or the dimensions entered by you. With the help of rows, you can mark which work steps should be performed by whom and which part of the project should be next.

Follow up the work with the team

It is easy to follow up on work in Geometra by marking a step as Not started, ongoing, review or finished. You decide what a work step entails. It can be anything from excavating to paving a surface. Geometra can be used on both tablets and computers, meaning that the team can mark a step as completed with a simple tap. They can also see the files related to the project, such as 3D drawings, ICF models, documents and images.

Make production easy

Geometra helps you to follow up so you have a digital tool to support you throughout the project. You can also export order lists from Geometra, for individual objects or area. This means that you divide the work and order materials at the right time. Geometra is well suited to be used as part of the BIM process.

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