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New features and improvements after the update in Geometra – read all about it here

by Caisa Ekenberg

October 20, 2023

Updated 4.2.5 has been a big undertaking in overall fixing and optimizing Geometra even further and set it up for developing new features. This update contains over 70 various bugfixes, improvements and upgraded and new features.


  • A new beta version of SnapOn has been added to the app, you can toggle it next to the SnapOn icon after enabling SnapOn. This is a generally faster and more detailed display of the object when placing. We'd appreciate any feedback you have on this while we finalize testing and optimization.
  • Changed the Status filtering to be toggleable and persistant and also extended it so you can see all available toggles and currently selecting filtering.
  • You can now move multiple objects to front or back at the same time.  
  • Added a dialog when printing allowing you to select quality of the printed PDF. This will help you print large and complex PDFs.
  • Geometra Viewer users will now have access to the Arrow and Comment tools.
  • Users sharing computer or device with other Geometra user will now have their respective local settings separated under their own user. This was previously settings per device.
  • Added a new localisation for Lithuanian.

A new beta version of SnapOn has been added to the app. We'd appreciate any feedback you have on this while we finalize testing and optimization.


  • Drag 'n' drop uploads in Firefox should now function correctly.
  • Remove leading and trailing spaces for Rows fields to improve Autocomplete.
  • Exported formulas for Rows should will now set correct decimal sign based on app language.
  • Added horizontal scroll to Estimate Tree when it's very small.
  • General improvements to connection stability.
  • The "Move" menu on objects now lists "Root" for the top level when moving objects.
  • App will now remember which Estimate last used for each project.  
  • File upload speed improved, should notice faster uploads on larger files.
  • Improved placement of objects, should now not lag on first point.
  • Improved placement of objects, generally should be a bit faster to place all types.
  • Search with r: for rows should now work correctly for reductions.
  • General improvement for file upload and import of objects.
  • Search result should now update the Estimate Tree when adding matching data to any object while search is active.
  • Labels can now have 0 as value for opacity for both background and text.
  • Last item in Estimate Tree should now always be fully visual when scrollbar is required.
  • Select tool now has a more elaborate tooltip on what can be done.
  • Folder paths should now be better displayed when selecing multiple descending folders.
  • Minor tweaks to UI consistency and appearance.
  • Optimized all stored data and future data storage to improve performance.
  • Removed Net. Area and Net. Volume for Lines when placing Angles.


  • Units should now correctly display in autocomplete for Rows.
  • Copy & pasting an object should no longer be possible to end up outside the PDF page.
  • Icons should now correctly show as disabled when no action is possible.
  • Page Up/Down hotkey should now switch between pages in a PDF as intended.
  • Row filters should now correctly updated after changes to Row data.
  • Right clicking on objects should no longer bring up Firefox context menu.
  • Point objects should now be rotatable again.
  • Fixed a bug where the multi-edit dialog would show when changing between the same values.
  • Folders should now correctly show properties when created without a scale set.
  • Rows should now correctly update after applying angles to values.
  • Fixed a bug where border style wasn't correctly applied to Draw objects.
  • Using side-scroll on a mouse should now correctly scroll the Estimate Tree horizontally.
  • Exporting objects should now export in the same order as in the estimation tree.
  • Fixed a bug where X and Y scales sometimes broke.
  • Fixed a bug where user was unable to set X and Y coordinate for Labels to 0.
  • Fixed a bug where indicator for negative value wasn't show correctly in some cases.
  • Fixed a bug where a hidden object could be orphaned when removing its parent.
  • Fixed a bug where Copy & Paste Properties didn't work on Areas in some cases.
  • Fixed a bug where toggling SnapOn while placing Scale would cancel the placement.
  • Fixed a bug where Comments wheren't correctly inheriting values.
  • Borders for Images should no longer be shown when opacity is set to 0.
  • Fixed a bug where names for IFC objects sometimes didn't show fully in the Estimate Tree.
  • Fixed a bug where the Estimate Tree didn't revert to correct colour when switching views
  • Fixed a bug where Reduction Quanitity wasn't consistently updated when changin Quantity for parent Area.
  • Fixed a bug where re-uploading a deleted file sometimes failed.
  • Prevented deletion of files and folders in QuickSwitch.
  • Fixed a bug where Shift + Deleting a file and pressing Delete after would cause the Delete file dialog to appear with the already deleted file.
  • Fixed a bug where borders weren't always correctly applied when changing multiple objects at the same time.
  • Fixed a bug where multi-edit dialog would display 'Border' instead of 'Background' when changing background colour for comments.
  • Fixed a bug where filtering Row status would return the previously typed filter as an option.
  • Radius X and Y for Ellipse objects should now be correctly exported.
  • Fixed a bug where Copy / Pasting object would sometimes trigger the multi-edit dialog.
  • Fixed a bug where application could crash after deleting a scale and then attempting to export data.
  • Fixed a bug where deleting rows from the Library wouldn't remove all selected rows.
  • Fixed a bug where you could copy & paste a Reduction onto a different file and crashing the application.
  • Fixed a bug where duplicate would show as available action when nothing was selecting in the Estimate Tree.
  • Fixed a bug where row filters didn't reset properly.
  • Fixed an issue where moving imported objects could cause labels to disappear.
  • Locking an object should now correctly prevent any changes.
  • Fixed a bug where Comments text decoration field displayed strange content.
  • Fixed a bug where IFC Objects weren't always deleted when pressing Shift + Delete
  • Fixed a bug where deleting an Estimate would cause an error on selecting the next available Estimate
  • Fixed a bug where setting border thickness before adding Tiles would ignore the change to border thickness  
  • Fixed a bug where shift + deleting objects on a different file could sometimes trigger a delete on the previously used file