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Eka Metrics takes over operation and management of eKalkyl

by Caisa Ekenberg

June 15, 2023

We are pleased to announce that eKalkyl will continue to thrive under new ownership. Eka Metrics will take over eKalkyl this fall and will continue to offer new and old customers to use it. More detailed information regarding this transition's timing and where users should turn in the future will come.

"We at Eka Metrics understand the importance of eKalkyl to all its users. It is a convenient, reliable, and highly regarded tool we are excited to take under our wing. We will do our best to ensure a seamless transition. No changes will be made to the software, meaning that as a user, you won't notice any difference and can continue working as usual. We look forward to this exciting journey and we see countless possibilities ahead!" says Liam Andersen, Head of Marketing and Training at Eka Metrics.

"I’m glad that eKalkyl will continue to be available for the companies that needs and want to use it. The agreement with Eka Metrics secures the current state of eKalkyl. It marks the beginning of a journey towards the next generation of calculation tools for the painting industry. We look forward to a good collaboration with Eka Metrics for a long time!"says Fredrik Sjöbeck, CEO of Rukkor.