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Geometra invests in students in the construction industry.

by Samira Sjöbeck

February 6, 2023

Geometra's support holds courses regularly for various schools around the country, focusing on construction, concrete, real estate, civil engineering, construction production manager and project management.

We offer a course in Geometra to all schools in our programs so they can take this experience out on internships. Students can use a free license during their study time and internship. Today we have a good collaboration with Hermods, KYH AB, Newton Kompetensutveckling, Yrkesakademin and Mätpartner in Linköping (collaboration with East Business School (ESBS) 


The training is online, held by Martin from our support. He goes through the program and shows how to create estimations smoothly and correct. Students usually have questions such as calculating studs, walls and other building parts and materials.

The students usually find it exciting and fun to learn the tool to help them in the estimation and quantity work. When they go to internships, many choose to bring Geometra with them for their own use or because the workplace already uses it as a tool.


What we go through in a course:

  • Presentation of Geometra and our support
  • The structure of the program and different views
  • How to create projects with a good structure and organize work
  • The most valuable tools for measuring, quantifying and estimation
  • Miscellaneous


To apply for a course and student license, contact martin@rukkor.com. We adapt the course to your education and needs.