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How to create a great construction cost estimation - with the help of Geometra

by Samira Sjöbeck

June 22, 2022

Geometra is a cost calculation application that streamlines and simplifies the estimation process. In Geometra, you can estimate takeoffs and keep track of the project at all times. It is a simple, user-focused application based on the motto that you know your company best. Therefore, you are the one who decides how Geometra will be used to support you throughout the tender process. This ensures that you include all work steps and reduces the risk of missing important costs.


You need to create a structure to customize the program to suit your business. This forms the basis for future work, ensuring that the entire team can easily keep track of a process. In other words, the application simplifies the job, even in the longterm. Working with your preferred structure will make it easier for everyone inthe project to follow along. It also streamlines the way you work. In Geometra, each project is made up of objects and associated rows. An object can be a floor surface or a wall. How these are divided and what they mean is up to you. Objects are the basis of the structure. Naming these in a structured manner makes it easier to navigate the cost estimation. It is important that each company creates its own structure, adapted to the way they want to use Geometra. Is an object an entire room, or do you want to divide it into smaller objects, making it easier to track each work step on a more detailed level? It is up to you to decide. Calculation rows are linked to each object, showing you what to do with the object. For example, a calculation row can tell you that the object "floor space in the bathroom" should be floated and tiled. You build your projects using objects and rows.


In Geometra you can keep track of projects and mark various objects as finished. When the supervisor marks a surface as ready, the construction manager can see it immediately and thus plan the work or place the necessary orders. It is possible to extract takeoffs from the program and easily estimate how much material to order. Geometra is designed to simplify work – even in the long term. By working with templates, it is possible to regain knowledge and experience from previous projects. The templates can be used for similar projects in the future, saving you time. When the project is finished, you can also analyze the estimate to compare it with the final results, revealing any errors. This is how the program helps you to make better cost estimates, both in the short and long term.


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