Why you should use Geometra

Why you should use Geometra

Geometra allows you to save time, increase traceability and profitability, and avoid misunderstandings in your construction projects. A tool that you use throughout the project's life cycle, from tender to completion.


This is Geometra

Geometra is a powerful and user-friendly application for creating cost estimations, whether you use a cost estimationprogram or create bids in Excel today. Geometra is your tool throughout the project's life cycle. The application is cloud-based, and you can access it from any device. No installation is required. Just enter your username and password, and you are ready to start working. All updates and performance improvements are seamless. You create templates to reuse structured data throughout the project life cycle. You achieve transparency and can detect and correct errors and omissions quickly, attaining optimal finances for your projects. By following Geometra's work process, you prepare for future requirements for BIM.

How to use Geometra

Start by creating a new project – uploadassociated files and documents, PDFs or IFC models to a drive. Then you place areference dimension following a known dimension on a drawing. Create astructure through a set of folders for your objects, or reuse previously storedfolder structures in the application.

Using the measurement tools for area, lines and points, you measure and create estimation objects. An object is created once and can then be reused an infinite number of times in your costestimation. Name your objects to give them high traceability throughout the process. Estimate takeoffs and estimate your tender using the integrated rows that you connect to an object or group of objects in the application. Then you compile your takeoffs and set prices and times for work and materials.


Your BIM-adapted work process in Geometra

If the bid is won, duplicate the bid estimation before locking it. The bid estimation is now the reference object you will use throughout the project's lifetime. The duplicate is called a production estimate and is the living document that all employees with access to the project share, such as the tender manager, supervisor and workers. Everyone can see an updated version of the production estimate at any time, along with the accompanying drawings and descriptions. By following this process, you prepare for any future requirements for BIM. In the field, you can easily update the workflow in the rows by entering the current status: Not started, work in progress, review or finished. By duplicating the production estimate, you create a basis for your changes and additions. Naturally, you can copy changes and additions to the production estimate.

By constantly working with defined and named objects, folder structures and stored rows, you ensure that all projects contain well-structured data that is consistently processed in the same way,regardless of the project. The production estimate is a living document, giving easy access and reporting in both directions, from the tender manager to the workplace and vice versa.


Get these benefits by using Geometra

There are several ways to earn and save money using Geometra for your cost estimations. The most obvious example is the time saved by only having to measure an object once.

All parties involved see it immediately when you make changes and additions linked to a specific object in the production estimate. This means errors and deficiencies are detected in time, and costly mistakes are avoided.

You ensure that the correct material is used and is available for production, avoiding unwanted interruptions for more efficient use of resources.

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