We welcome 2024 with new updates in Geometra, v4.2.7

We welcome 2024 with new updates in Geometra, v4.2.7

A new update for the new year! As we keep improving and tweaking things in Geometra we've compiled a list of the latest changes and fixes for you here.

When you open Geometra for the first time after the update, you must clear the cache for everything to work. Here's how you do it:

  1. Log in to Geometra.
  1. Press F12
  1. Go to Application (option in the top line, if you don't see it, click on the angles)
  1. Select Storage in the column to the left under the heading Application
  1. Don't forget to check the box 'including third-party cookies'.
  1. Press 'Clear site data'
  1. Then, reload the page. Shortcut: CTRL+R
  1. You now need to log in again.
  1. You can close the new window that appeared.


  • An option for toggling between hh:mm and decimal input for Time fields in rows has been added, toggle available at the bottom of the Rows panel
  • A new modal will show when uploading files to block user interaction, this is to make sure uploads are completed correctly
  • Hotkey added for grouping objects with 'Ctrl + G'
  • Hotkey added for ungrouping objects with 'Ctrl + Shift + G'
  • Hotkey for SnapOn changed from 'Ctrl + G' to 'Alt + Q'
  • Height has been added as an option to display with Labels
  • Right-clicking on a folder in the Estimate Tree now presents an option to save the current selected structure as a Template
  • Right-clicking in the Estimate Tree now present and option to insert templates from the context menu
  • Object names will now build a per project list for auto completion from previously entered names in the project
  • Selecting multiple objects will now show the avarage values of those selected objects


  • It should now be possible to set a blank value for Nr/Tag for Folders and Objects
  • Reviewed all modals and dialogs and they should now be possible to confirm/accept using the 'Enter' key
  • Users with the Viewer role should no longer be able to export price data from Rows
  • Users with the Viewer role should no longer be able to edit time field in Rows
  • Reductions should now work better with move to front/back in the layers
  • Copy/Pasting between pages that doesn't match in size and layout will now prompt the user with an error if copied objects would end up outside the target page
  • PDF page rotation will now be saved on a per page basis
  • The Estimate Tree folder structure will now always be visible, even when using filters
  • General improvements to localisation
  • Made general improvments to the UI for cohesivness
  • Improved input for opacity fields
  • Removed empty () from exports when exporting folders and objects without Nr/Tag set
  • Exporting Rows will now only export the columns you've selected to display in the Rows
  • Page number has been added to the filename in exports
  • Print quality will now be remembered between prints
  • Further improvments to speed and performance for new SnapOn mode labeled Beta
  • Exports should now better represent the structure of the data in the Estimate Tree
  • Angles can now be entered with decimals in the dialog


  • Fixed a bug where the app didn't correctly save state for visible/hidden panels like Properties and Rows
  • Fixed a bug where Line opacity wasn't correctly copied and pasted
  • Fixed a error where navigating from Estimate to Drive sometimes occured
  • Fixed a bug where the Tiles dialog sometimes would re-open after deleting objects
  • Fixed a bug causing Rows no longer in use in the project to still show up in row auto completion
  • Fixed a bug where using the hotkey F10 for setting angles didn't correctly apply the angle to the object
  • Fixed a bug where a negative value would sometimes show in the Net. values
  • Fixed a bug where moving objects front/back on the page would reset sometimes when using the QuickSwitch
  • Fixed a bug where the upload file dialog showed the previously uploaded filename in some cases
  • Fixed a bug where the Drive didn't update correctly in multi-page scenarios
  • Fixed a bug where data shown in the replace rows dialog didn't always show correctly
  • Fixed a bug where using 'Select All' while having filters enabled could return incorrect value for 'Selected objects:' count
  • Fixed a bug where line thickness set to 10 would sometimes convert to 100
  • Fixed a bug where using F9 hotkey to set tiles would not correctly save the input

Do you have any questions? Please email us at support@rukkor.com or chat with us in the app.