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In this article, you will find information about Geometra's various views. You will understand how the program is structured, how to navigate it, and what you can do in each interface part.

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Main Menu

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When you log in to Geometra, you will find the main menu on the left. Here, you have several options to navigate around the program. You can view and work on all your projects, work with templates, or adjust settings for how you want to use the program. There's also the option to send feedback directly to us or turn on/off our chat support.

Project List

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Your project list is located under projects in the main menu. It consists of two parts: a list of all your projects and the properties panel. You can change and update project numbers and names in the properties panel. You can also switch the department for your project or change the project leader. When you create a new project, it appears in the list. Here, you can search and filter by columns. There's a menu at the top where you can create new projects, open projects, open in a new tab, and delete. If you open projects in a new tab, you can select multiple projects and open them in different tabs. This way, you can work on multiple projects simultaneously.

File Tree

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In Drive, you'll find the file tree. To access it, you must open a project you want to work with. It's in Drive that you manage the file handling for the specific project you're in. Here, you can create folders and upload files.

At the top of the file tree, there's a menu where you can choose which estimate you want to work in. The preview displays different things depending on the estimate you've selected. This means that a drawing or file may appear in multiple estimates and thus contain different types of information.

You can use a so-called structure template to quickly organize and simplify how you save files and documents in your project. Structure templates help standardize how you work with your file management. For example, you always use a specific type of naming for folders and subfolders.

You can search through your files using the search box. If you select a file, you can open it directly in the estimate view and start working on your measurements and quantity takeoffs.

Estimate Tree

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In the estimate tree, you work with your files for quantity takeoffs. The estimate tree shows the content for the estimate you're in. All the information you create on your drawings and documents is gathered here. An object is created when you perform any action on a drawing or document, e.g., measuring an area. Objects can be sorted into folders in the estimate tree.

At the top of the estimate tree, there's a menu where you can choose which estimate you want to work in. Depending on the estimate you've selected, different things are displayed in the tree and on files you open. This means that a drawing or file may appear in multiple estimates and thus contain various types of information.

Like in the file tree, you can use structure templates in the estimate tree. The templates help you build up your estimates consistently. Read more under the topic Templates.

Document Panel

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The document panel displays the files, documents, and models Geometra supports. In Drive, the selected document is previewed with information from the active spreadsheet. When you open the document, the spreadsheet displays the panel, and all tools are available to measure and markups.

Property Panel

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The property panel is located in several places in the program. It adapts depending on where you are. Depending on what you have selected in the various views, the panel will display the properties available for your selection. For example, if you select an area object, the properties will display, and you can then make settings for the selected area.


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At the bottom of the estimate view, you'll find your rows. This is where you convert your measurements into quantity takeoffs. The rows consist of two parts: a table showing the rows you've added and a field to enter information for new rows. In the field, a list of suggestions from the project with rows you've already used will also appear as you work in your project. Read more under the topic Rows.

Zoom and Scroll

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Like most other programs, you can use Ctrl + Scroll to zoom in and out. When working on a document, Geometra tries to zoom towards the mouse pointer, so keep the mouse where you want to zoom in.

Scrolling horizontally also works well. Hold down Shift (the capital letter key) and scroll with the mouse wheel. This allows you to scroll sideways instead of up and down.

Switch File in Estimate

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In the estimate view, you can quickly switch to another file to work with by pressing 'Files'. This allows you to switch to another file without going through Drive to select it.

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