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In this article, you will learn how to export data from Geometra and your printing options.

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Places for export

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You can export the data you create in your projects directly via copy-paste or to a CSV file.

There are two places in the program you can export from:

Drive: In Drive, you can quickly export data from previewed files. It takes all the data available in the file, and you cannot make any selection of which data to export.

Estimate: In estimate, you can make selections and subtotals of what you want to export. You choose the information you want to extract in the estimate tree and among the rows, and then use one of the export options to obtain that information.

Export to clipboard

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Exporting to a clipboard allows you to paste information from Geometra into any other program quickly. The clipboard works best with spreadsheet programs like Microsoft Excel and Google Sheets but also functions with other programs such as Numbers, OpenOffice Calc, and more.

Export to CSV

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CSV (Comma-Separated Values) extracts the information from Geometra into comma-separated format. If you choose a different language, such as English, the comma may change to a semicolon or vice versa. Both comma and semicolon are allowed as delimiters in the CSV standard. If you get the wrong delimiter, check which language you use in your operating system, browser, or Geometra.

Export to CSV

Different types of exports

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There are several preset types of exports that you can generate from Geometra:

• Folder Export = Summary of all measurements per folder. This is one of the most common export options.

• Objects = Detailed information about each measurement (all values). This is one of the most common export options.

• Net Object = Same as above but only exports net values.

• Object, no folders = All measurements without your folder structure.

• Rows = All rows present in each measurement. A detailed export. Information about each object.

• Rows Sum = All identical rows are summarized in this export. This is one of the most common export options.

• Rows Sum per folder = Summation per folder level. A subtotal according to your structure.


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To print something in Geometra, you first need to select what you want to print. As a result, you will receive a new PDF with the visual information, including labels and coloring. Save or print to a printer as needed.

Print Section

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Printing a section works the same way as 'Print.' What is selected will be included in the printout. The difference is that the 'Print Section' only takes the part of the file visible in the program during printing. This way, you can easily clip from the files you work on and choose which information you want to print.

Export PDF

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Exporting PDF means that certain visual information from Geometra is removed to match the PDF standard. This allows for editing of objects in other PDF tools. (We don't quite understand why one would need to do that, though…)

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