Now we are releasing Geometra 5

Now we are releasing Geometra 5

Finally, version 5.0 of Geometra is here! And it’s not a small update. Major improvements and new features are now available to make your work smoother. Throughout the spring, we’ve shared the most significant news that is now inplace: The new interface, object templates, control folders and webhooks. Of course, you can read about all the updates further down in this article!

How would you like to be guided through the new interface?

We launched our new website during week 23. Here, you will find lots of information about Geometra 5. There is also a large Help Center that you are welcome to check out.

On our YouTube channel, you can watch videos in which we show the program's most important new features.

Next week, on June 18, we are holding webinars about Geometra 5. Click here to sign up.

Of course, you can always contact our support if and when you have questions. Email or chat with us inside Geometra.

Quality Assurance

We have done our very best to ensure the quality of Geometra 5. If you encounter any problems, use the feedback tools; your feedback goes directly to our developers for review.

Geometra 5


  • New upgraded UI across entire application, improved clarity and user experience.
  • New templates for Structure, replace the old folder templates for Drive and Estimate.
  • New templates called Control folders. These allow user to make all object conform to a specific object template when placed in a control folder.
  • New template called Object templates. These allow users to pre-set information for objects before placing them.
  • New templates for Rows, which replaceds the old row library. Rows can be categorised and sorted. Old rows have been upgraded and can be found in the category "G4 Templates".
  • Replace object with an object template. This allows user to exchange almost all information in an object with that of a template.
  • New files panel implement for switching files in Estimate, we've removed the old "QuickSwitch".
  • New panel to change and manage current estimate for the project, this was previously in the "QuickSwitch" but is now located at the top of the drive and estimate trees.
  • New languages available: French, Spanish, Finnish, Danish and German.
  • All settings are now available under "Settings" in the sidebar.
  • Users can now choose how many decimals they wish to display in the application, found under Settings > General.
  • Users can now control visible elements in the estimate tree, found under Settings > Estimate.
  • Search and filtering have been rebuilt, all options for searching and filtering can now be found by clicking the search field. Including display objects only on Page and or File, which was previously a separate icon.


  • Upon app update browser cache should now correctly be cleared and app properly reloaded
  • Improved the dialog prompten when a new version is released to provide better UX
  • Improved user sign-up flows and data management
  • Language setup and localisation has been completely reworked
  • Users can now book demos straight from the login and sign up pages for easier access to our fantastic support and sales team


·       More than170 various bugfixes have been fixed in this version.

You may need to clear the cache when you log in for the first time:

  1. Log in to Geometra.
  1. Press F12
  1. Go to Application (option in the top line, if you don't see it, click on the angles)
  1. Select Storage in the column to the left under the heading Application
  1. Don't forget to check the box 'including third-party cookies'.
  1. Press 'Clear site data'
  1. Then, reload the page. Shortcut: CTRL+R
  1. You now need to log in again.
  1. You can close the new window that appeared.