Get the most out of Geometra's functions

Get the most out of Geometra's functions

We want you as a user to get the most out of Geometra's functions.

That's why we offer you both demo and free teacher-led online courses. Our courses are available in Swedish, Norwegian and English. All our courses are also included in your future license so that you are always up to date and increase your knowledge.
In addition to measuring, amounting and creating spreadsheets, there are additional functions that make your work easier.

Structure and organize your construction project

Everything you measure or want to count on, such as a wall, a door or a room, is called an object in Geometra. Your objects can be organized clearly in the estimation tree, so you and your colleagues can easily find them in your projects. You do this by creating a folder structure that suits you. You can then save alternative folder structures, reuse them as templates for future projects, and share them within your organization. The structure can, for example, be specified as floor plan, wall types or stages.

Create your row library
You will find our estimation rows at the bottom of Geometra's estimate view. They describe what an object contains. It can be anything from floor, wall, ceiling or other parts you want to calculate time, price or create a compilation for. You can describe several elements in the same space, for example, floors and false ceilings. Estimation rows can be saved in a register that you can reuse again and again, saving time in your work.

Simplify collaboration and follow-up
There are several tools in Geometra to collaborate with your colleagues in the office and on the construction site. Since the program is web-based, no installation is needed, and changes update in real-time. Your colleagues see changes immediately, and you can work together in Geometra. For each folder, calculation row and item, you can set status to follow the progress of the work. The status indicates what needs to be reviewed, started or completed. With Geometra Viewer, craftsmen or supervisors can also provide feedback on the status of the project's parts.

Duplicate – create different versions of your project
When your calculation is ready, you can duplicate it, creating a copy of the project. The copy can be used as a production document or to calculate an alternative if your customer wants a price for different solutions. You also use the duplication to clearly mark and describe the basis for extra work.

Want to learn more about Geometra's features? Book a free course or contact us at support. We are here for you!