"Geometra has all the features we need, and it's easy to pick up"

"Geometra has all the features we need, and it's easy to pick up"

Expedite is a construction consultancy firm based in Cardiff, Wales. They offer everything from advisory and design to project management and structural engineering services. We spoke with Charlie Davies,an Assistant Quantity Surveyor at Expedite.

"We work with all different types of projects. It can be from a single-story plan to significant buildings. We were involved in Gramercy Tower, which is 27 storeys high and will be the second tallest building in Cardiff to this date. It has a nice winter garden on the 21st floor. This building is a statement job and something we are very proud of", Charlie says.

As an Assistant Quantity Surveyor, he is helping the more experienced Quantity Surveyor at the firm. He is doing the measurements to spare their time. They input the measurements into their cost plans.

"I have used Geometra since I joined the Expedite team about a year ago. I feel comfortable using it and can be very efficient when doing my measurements. I find Geometra very easy to follow and to pickup".

Charlie thinks the main benefit of using Geometra is the time it saves. You can also review the measurements. Charlie and his team use Geometra for all projects they need to measure.

"My colleagues can go in there and review an ongoing project. When you are in the middle of a job, it's good to return and see your old measures. We usually do multiple cost plans for one job. If it goes wrong somewhere, it's nice to go back and look what went wrong."

Charlie also wants to highlight the colour code and folder systems in Geometra, which he finds very valuable.

"The features and the mark-up tools are easy to use, to draw lines for example. My colleagues can see clearly where all the items have been put. It makes it easy for the review and for my colleagues to follow."

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Photo of Gramercy Tower, Cardiff: Expedite