"We can work cross-border between companies using Geometra"

"We can work cross-border between companies using Geometra"

He is one of the driving forces behind a group of 23 companies spread across 27 locations in Sweden. "An important part of the work involves creating good conditions and finding synergies between the companies. Each individual company works in its own way but can cooperate with each other to achieve the best results," says Fredrik Ottosson, who is a member of the management team for InArea Group.

Fredrik has extensive experience in the flooring industry. He has run the company Ottossons Golv with operations in Skaraborg for many years. When the company became part of InArea Group in 2020, he handed over the local CEO role.

To estimate jobs, many companies within InArea Group use Geometra as a calculation tool. Fredrik has worked with Geometra during his time at Ottossons Golv and believes that there are many advantages to the tool.

”Geometra is very easy to understand and use. You don't have to be a civil engineer to be able to estimate and calculate. Using the tool saves a huge amount of time during the estimation process," says Fredrik.

In the last ten years, all of the projects undertaken by Ottossons Golv have been calculated using Geometra. Therefore, it was natural to continue using the tool in InArea Group. There are many advantages to using a common tool like Geometra from a corporate perspective.

"We can work cross-border between the companies usingthe tool. Those who are estimating jobs in different parts of Sweden are speaking the same language. This means we can share experiences and help each other in a simple way," says Fredrik.

"From a sustainability perspective, it is also positive. We can control our material waste because you can make such precise calculations in your cost estimation. When new companies join, it is easy to get started with Geometra because the expertise is in-house," concludes Fredrik.

InArea Group is Sweden's largest group in the flooring industry.

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