"The goal of Geometra 5 is to make the program even easier for users"

"The goal of Geometra 5 is to make the program even easier for users"

Ahead of the release of the new generation of Geometra, our CEO, Fredrik Sjöbeck, shares all the updates coming to the program. Fredrik has been the principal owner of Rukkor for 10 years now. This is part 1 of the interview. We will publish part 2 at the beginning of April. Enjoy the read!

In 2011, Fredrik took over the company he now leads from his father. At that time, the company was almost entirely focused on the painting industry in Sweden. Geometra was originally built as a module for another program. Over time, with a high demand for quantity takeoff software in the construction industry, Geometra began to evolve into the program it is today. In 2009, Geometra was launched for the first time as a standalone product for customers.

Fredrik has previously worked as a carpenter and has extensive construction industry knowledge. However, his interest in technology has always been present, from playing computer games in his teenage room to starting to build his software. And it has been a long journey.

"I enjoy solving problems, and I find product development very exciting. I like finding ways to make difficult things easy”, says Fredrik.

A new generation of Geometra is on its way

A new generation of Geometra, version 5, will be released this spring. This new version aims to make the program even easier for users. The most significant change will be an improvement in its visual appearance. More apparent buttons and menus, a more streamlined interface. This will make it easier to understand and use, resulting in a lighter workload when working with the program. Users will become more efficient. Essentially, all views have received a refreshed look.  

Those who currently use the program will recognize the new version. You can do everything you do today, even in generation 5. After the release, there will also be the opportunity to participate in extra training sessions to become well-informed about the new features.  

New Templates

In Geometra 5, we have also made it possible for users to standardize their work using templates.  

"Structure templates and row templates, which exist in Geometra today, will be complemented with object templates and control folders”, says Fredrik.

Object templates work like this: When you create an object template, you can set all the values and add the rows that should be automatically created when you mark an object* on your drawing. You can choose the template before placing the object, or you can take an existing object and apply a template to it to change its properties and rows. For example, if you place an area from a template containing different rows for floor covering and a specific colour coding, you won't have to do it every time.

Control folders work like this: Once you have created your object templates, you may want to standardize further, and this is where control folders come in. Adding a control folder means you can automatically lock all objects created within it to a specific object template to prevent unintentional changes to properties and rows.

*An object can be a room, a wall, a door, or any other item you measure or count on.

On April 2, we will publish part 2 of the interview with Fredrik. He will then explain how you can integrate Geometra with other programs using webhooks.

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