More profitability, fewer misunderstandings

More profitability, fewer misunderstandings

More profitability, fewer misunderstandings.

Interview with our CEO Fredrik Sjöbeck, published in Branschaktuellt, 18/02/2022.

Geometra connects cost estimations with production. Many companies in the construction industry spend an unnecessary amount of time and money on cost calculations. This is something the software company Rukkor wants to change with its cost estimation software Geometra. Geometra connects the cost estimations with the entire project implementation. With support for both 2D and 3D, it's easy to convert a tender into a finished production estimate.

– It's common in the construction industry forthe production and estimation work to take place quite separately, which can put a spoke in your wheels during the handover phase. We would rather connect the cost estimation with theproject implementation. When we created Geometra, we built it to maketransferring information easier, says CEO at Rukkor, Fredrik Sjöbeck.

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When you create a cost estimate in Geometra,you can combine 2D drawings and 3D models to get a complete calculation. Since both can be used together, you create a complete package, simplifying the handover. This combination also makes it easier to go back and track information.

– On top of that, we've also added something called workflow, allowing you to set the status of various work steps in the production process. By turning tenders into production estimates, you can see the level of completion in direct relation to the estimates, thus allowing you to keep up with the schedule and tender.

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User-friendly, top-notch support andtraining included.

As a cost estimation tool, Geometra has three pillars to create the best possible user experience. The first is designing the software so that it's easy to learn. On average, it takes 20 minutes for a customer to get started with their first cost estimations.

– A great user experience is truly alpha and omega, so that was imperative. That's why we've invested heavily in our support, which has gained an excellent reputation in the industry. Obviously, you need a good product, but issues can always arise, and then it is vital to back it up with great support. That's our second pillar, says Fredrik Sjöbeck.

The third pillar is training, giving the customer access to the full potential of Geometra.

– Many companies indeed focus on training, but they often forget education in cost estimation, causing many users to utilize only 50 per cent of the software's capacity. That's why training is always included in Geometra. We don't want to skip something of such importance.

Today, Geometra is used by around 1,500 different companies in the construction industry. The primary customer group ranges from small- and medium-sized companies to some of the biggest players in the industry. The customers are mainly located in Sweden and Norway. Despite being a small IT company, Rukkor's closest competitors are the giants in theindustry.

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