Latest updates in Geometra - March 2023

Latest updates in Geometra - March 2023

During January, several significant changes took place in Geometra. We started with a massive upgrade that made the program more stable and faster, and where we upgraded many functions. Read about the upgrade here

We are continuing our development of Geometra rapidly, and in January and February, we released more improvements. Some convenient functions that we added include that you can see your labels already in the preview. You see them in your Drive without opening up the entire project in estimate view. The labels will also update live when you change the scale of your drawing.

To work faster in Geometra, you can search for specific calculation lines in a room by typing r: xxx in the search box at the top left.



The updated toolbar will make it easier for the new user to get started using Geometra. Each tool has a name, and by holding the mouse over the tool menu, an information box appears with a description of the tool and a shortcut key. For those of you who work in or collaborate with a Viewer license, it is now possible to export the calculation rows in your project.


More minor bug fixes added in the latest upgrade:

•  Ability to choose opacity on images

•  End annotation with double click now as fast as right-click.

• The colour palette is better placed so as not to disturb the view

• Quickswitch has been improved

• Tag/No on folders improved

• Placement of points is faster

• Viewer licenses can now export rows

• Scale can no longer be set to 0

• Fix for how inheritance works

• Live update of labels when scaling

• Fixes in the arrow tool

• Easier template management

• Escape when undoing does not deselect folder

• Tag/No on item improved

• Search function improved

• Interface improvements in the “more” menu

• Font Inheritance

• File upload improved

• Sorting in export left to right

• Delete folders improved

• PDF printing no longer comes with an extra page

• Labels for points end up closer to the point

• Inheritance now uses the last placed object in the folder you place the object in.

• No edges on points

• Various appearance and dialogue fixes

Problems after update?

This is how to clear your cache:

  • Press F12
  • Go to application
  • Select storage in therow on the left
  • Don't forget to tick the box "inluding third-party cookies"
  • Press "Clear site data"
  • Then reload the page.

Shortcut - Ctrl + Shift key and then press R

Shortcut for Mac - ⌘ Cmd and ⇧ Shift key and then press R

As always, we appreciate your feedback andsuggestions, so don't hesitate to contact us. Use the paper aeroplane up in thecorner in Geometra.

Best regards - The Rukkor team