"In large projects, Geometra can achieve its full potential”

"In large projects, Geometra can achieve its full potential”

Josefine Ericsson is responsible for cost estimation at JKS Golv's subsidiary, Nättraby Kakelservice. She works on the contractor's side and calculates new job requests daily. We had a chat with Josefine and asked her what she thinks of Geometra and how she uses the tool.

JKS Golv and Nättraby Kakelservice handle all types of flooring jobs, from very large projects to smaller renovations. They provide comprehensive quotes for the entire flooring contracts, including tiling, levelling, wooden floors, and carpets.

Josefine and her colleague use Geometra to estimate all their jobs. She explains that the tool simplifies her work in all stages, from the inquiry stage to the estimation and execution stage.

"As soon as we receive a new request from a customer, I create a new project in Geometra. I review all the documents to gather information about the project, such as material types. Then, I upload the drawings. I always start by mapping out the different materials and then color-code the measurements by material type, says Josefine.”

"Then, I export the measurements to Excel and save a color-coded drawing. The drawing becomes an attachment to our quote. This way, both we and the customer have a good overview of the project's scope. When it's time for execution, we can supplement our drawings with colour descriptions and use them as installation references."

Josefine finds that she saves a lot of time by using Geometra. There are occasions when she needs to estimate certain projects more than once. In such cases, it's convenient that there's a function to copy the old bill of quantities to the new drawings. This allows her to see immediately what has changed, and she rarely needs to start from scratch.

"Geometra is a user-friendly program. It has all the features we need for flooring. The SnapOn tool is excellent. It finds the lines on the drawing like a magnet. It saves a lot of time and energy when doing takeoffs, Josefine continues.”

Two major landmarks in Växjö

Josefine would like to highlight two significant projects where JKS Golv has been the flooring contractor: Icon and Nivika Center in Växjö.

"In large projects, Geometra can truly reach its full potential. The Icon project stood out due to its size and the many different types of materials. The building comprises 19 floors with residences, a school, a spa, offices and a gym. With the help of Geometra, we could easily manage the project in different parts and efficiently extract relevant data for each subproject."

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Photo: Nivika Fastigheter AB