How BIM can streamline your work

How BIM can streamline your work

Adam Mohammadi started the BIM podcast to learn more about BIM. The 7th April @ 10:00 we have the opportunity to hear what Adam has learned through the years in the construction business.

Adam Mohammadi is the BIM enthusiast who, in addition to his job as BIM leader at JM, runs the BIM podcast where he interviews people in the industry about BIM. BIM stands for Building Information Model and is a tool for collecting information during the construction process. BIM can be used during all steps in the construction process, with everything from calculation and visualization to work preparation.

– BIM is used a lot in calculation, instead of calculating by hand, you develop programs such as Geometra where you can get structured data, and make the calculation process easier.

A common misconception is that BIM is a software and that it is only about 3D models. But BIM is a working methodology and therefore it differs between different companies in the industry. BIM is the framework, but each actor needs to fill the process with content.

– The purpose of BIM is to create more efficient processes, short lead times and save money. It is about collecting information and data in a structured way, preferably digitally.

Adam believes that BIM is what you make of it and to create a good process, the business needs to be in focus. Adam believes that many people place too much emphasis on BIM, when the most important thing is to look at the business and how BIM can be adapted to facilitate the work.

– If you want to get a good BIM process, you need to focus less on BIM and start from the business. BIM must be adapted based on the business, but many do the opposite. Focus on the business first and find a way to streamline with the help of BIM, then you will succeed.

In the webinar you will learn:

• What BIM is and how it is used in the construction industry

• How BIM can streamline work

• How BIM works in different areas in the construction industry