Geometra - v5.0.4

Geometra - v5.0.4

More updates and minor improvements are making their way to Geometra this week. Summer and vacations aren't holding us back from delivering more improvements and fixes to Geometra.


  • [2608] Improved error logging for loading objects

Bug Fixes

  • [2643] Fixed an issue causing project crashes when using labels in certain conditions
  • [2606] Disabled moving objects between pages using drag and drop to avoid issues
  • [2584] Filtering on rows will now correctly show the results in the estimate tree based on the search
  • [2610] Fixed missing favorite icon in some places
  • [2598] Fixed a bug where sometimes the app would open the incorrect file
  • [2613] Fixed a bug when using Shift to temporarily disable SnapOn to get a straight line where SnapOn wouldn't re-activate when released
  • [2568] Searching in "Import from control folder" should now work properly
  • [2600] Fixed a bug where rows would be copied using the Spacebar and Enter keys
  • [2611] Fixed a bug where the category wasn't updated properly when switching categories