Geometra - v5.0.3

Geometra - v5.0.3

We continue the small and fast releases for Geometra 5, addressing a few issues and features in each release based on feedback from our wonderful users. This update contains a new search filter for matching strings exactly, along with a few bug fixes to improve overall app quality.


  • [2544] You can now use the "exact:" search tag to precisely match the given search string.


  • [2583] Improved data storage and handling for when labels were removed from objects.

Bug fixes

  • [2591] Fixed a bug where the search field was case-sensitive; it should now properly find upper and lower case search strings correctly.
  • [2586] Fixed a bug where valid project names were sometimes flagged as invalid.
  • [2572] Fixed a bug where reductions weren't correctly hidden when using the "!type" search filter.
  • [2571] Fixed a bug where expanding/collapsing folders would sometimes misbehave, requiring multiple clicks to work.
  • [2628] Fixed a bug where the estimate tree didn't update the size of the nodes correctly when resizing the panel.
  • [2631] Fixed some minor UI issues with templates.