Geometra - v5.0.2

Geometra - v5.0.2

We're making another small update for Geometra 5 which solves a few bugs and adds some smaller improvements. Key improvements from this release is the real time sharing of template data outside of projects between users and that search filters now persist through project and estimate swapping.


  • [2432] Updated design for Reset Password email to match new UI style.
  • [2543] Template additions and updates should now be fully shared in real time between users.
  • [2549] Set filters for search will now persist across sessions, estimates and projects.
  • [2587] Added confirmation and timer to the reset password panel so users know the request has been sent.
  • [2593] Name and Phone fields are now mandatory for signing up for a new account.


  • [2562] Fixed missing project number in the navbor at the bottom of the app.
  • [2592] Fixed a bug where autocomplete for rows didn't proper populate unique rows from the project.
  • [2594] Fixed a few minor UI issues.
  • [2612] Row (Sum per folder) [Everything] should now work to export without having made any selection.