Geometra - v5.0.1

Geometra - v5.0.1

This release has been largely focused on further improving performance and optimization of the application. In some cases we've seen improvements in compute and load times go from 30 seconds down to 0.5-2 seconds. We're keeping close eye on all feedback coming in after the release of Geometra 5 and are working hard to follow up and correct and improve upon app stability and performance. So please continue providing us with feedback, it's extremely helpful and allows to work faster on improving areas were you find things that aren't working optimally or where a feature could be improved upon.


* [2534] Users can now click the total sum in the top of the rows panel to copy the value.

* [2573] Added missing validation message for password fields on Login.

* [2578] User settings will now be saved to the users profile and restored upon login or cache reset.


* [2492] Reworked and massively upgraded performance in several sections of loading and displaying data in the estimate tree.

* [2541] The colour selector now accepts full 6 character hex codes for colour, previously only accepted 3.

* [2559] Review calls to localStorage to reduce memory load and leaks and write/read operations.

* [2577] Improved the design of the search filter tags to improve contrast and compact them.


* [2552] Fixed a bug where grouping objects across pages would cause errors when deleting.

* [2558] Fixed several minor UI issues.

* [2576] Fixed missing localisation for status in import row template dialogue.

* [2614] Fixed a bug where the group indicator wasn't show correctly in the estimate tree.