eKalkyl and Aukfonst – Services will be terminated and discontinued

eKalkyl and Aukfonst – Services will be terminated and discontinued

eKalkyl and Aukfonst – Services will be terminated and discontinued

Hi, all loyal users of eKalkyl and Aukfonst!

For many years now, we have delivered the services eKalkyl and Aukfonst to painting contractors and window craftsmen in Sweden. All good things end at some point, and we have decided to shut down and permanently take the services out of service as of 12/31/2023.
We at Rukkor have decided on other products and services that require more of our time and focus going forward, and therefore we need to free up time and resources in the business.

What happens to me as a user?

Those who are users of eKalkyl/or Aukfonst today will have access to the services until 2023-12-31. After that, the data will be deleted, and the services will be shut down.
Those who have a license today can, of course, continue to use that period until the end, and for those users who wish, there is the option to receive a "final invoice" for the service where licenses are extended until 2023-12-31 so that you have access to your data as long as possible.
Support will continue to be available for the Services until they are closed, 12/31/2023.
All announced and unannounced training for the services will be canceled, and no new courses or training will be offered.
All reselling of the Services will also cease.

Do we offer any alternatives?

We offer all users of eKalkyl and Aukfonst to switch to Geometra. Geometra is a tool that is widely used by the construction industry, especially in Sweden and Norway. Norway's largest painting group today uses Geometra with great success for their projects, and we can, therefore, with a clear conscience, recommend all users to try it.
Rukkor will not offer or develop any other products aimed explicitly at painting or window crafts.
For more information about exchanges, prices and arrangements, contact our sellers at info@rukkor.com.

Is there a future for eKalkyl and Aukfonst?

If there are any of our customers who wish to take over the operation and development of eKalkyl and Aukfonst, we are open to discussing a product acquisition. For more information, contact our CEO, Fredrik Sjöbeck, at fredrik@rukkor.com.

Finally, we would like to express a big heartfelt thank you to all our customers who have been with us over the years, ever since the time when Uno Sjöbeck first developed both services.