Discover new features and upgrades in Geometra

Discover new features and upgrades in Geometra

We have just released some lovely new features in Geometra that we hope you'll enjoy and find useful! For example, we've made it possible to move properties to the left via the more menu, which many users have requested. We've also upgraded the software and fixed smaller bugs.

News in Geometra after the upgrade on 11th May 2023:

  • Features can be moved to the left via the menu bar
  • Edges are no longer visible in the tree if opacity or thickness is set to 0
  • Interface improvements include clearer tooltips, such as removing unnecessary text in the project search tooltip
  • Degrees and angles on markers can now be disabled via the menu bar
  • Duplicates are no longer allowed in saved rows
  • Input simplifications have been made to make it easier to enter certain values
  • A new column has been added to exports called 'Total Quantity´
  • Improvements have been made to annotation inheritance, allowing folders to have their own inheritance, such as name and colour
  • Holding Shift temporarily disables SnapOn when placing points
  • Annotation Layers: You can move an object in front of or behind another object. To do this, right-click on the object and select 'move.'

See example:

Do you have any questions about the upgrade? Contact our support!