BIM in Geometra

BIM in Geometra

Get started with BIM at your company!

BIM is used in the construction industry to focus on waste reduction, streamlining work and reducing lead times, both internally and between different companies. The requirements for BIM have increased to make the smoothest possible information flow between production and management.

With Geometra, you can implement BIM through all steps in the process. It is essential in both turnkey contracts and execution contracts. Both face different challenges, and correct information and a good structure are crucial for staying on schedule and achieving a cost-effective project.

A common misconception about BIM is that it’s only about 3D models. BIM is a work process and a tool for working with information in a construction project. Data is used and handled many times during a project’s life span, sometimes by several parties, and by using BIM, you can save a lot of time and reduce mistakes.

The first step to getting started with BIM at your company is a straightforward project structure and workflow so that everyone can access and make use of the project’s information and see its progress.

BIM in Geometra

Geometra has several tools that make it easy for you to work with BIM. Start by analysing your workflow. Who needs which information, how is the information being shared, and where are the pitfalls? Go through your whole chain and see what’s going on. Remember, BIM is there to support and enhance your existing workflow, not control it.

Useful functionality in Geometra that supports the BIM process:

• The core of BIM is information management. In Geometra, you can store and share many files, documents, drawings and models.

• By using a consistent folder structure and object naming scheme, it becomes easier for everyone involved to take part in and locate the correct information when needed.

• In Geometra, you can make several estimates in the same project, test different scenarios or compare estimates with outcomes, thereby gathering knowledge for future projects.

• Lock your tender and keep it as an original version. Then create a production estimate that is “live” and updated with changes as the project progresses.

• Measure once and re-use many times. Use one object to build several bills of quantities and divide your work into different estimates if needed.

• Set status and track work progress on files, folders, objects in estimates and even individual work steps. Our simple statuses give everyone a clear picture of what’s going on. We use: Not Started, In Progress, Review and Complete.

• Colleagues and subcontractors can participate in the project through Geometra Viewer, allowing them to see and participate in the information and update their progress.

• Geometra also supports IFC models. Using IFC models is a way to reduce misunderstandings, as all parties get a visual overview of the project.

We recommend keeping the workflow in Geometra, but you can also export the project with all calculations and notes if necessary.

If you want to know more about how you can work with BIM in Geometra, our support is always here!

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