Are you getting paid for all your work?

Are you getting paid for all your work?

Accurate cost estimations and tenders are the basis for the success of your construction projects. A structured cost estimation saves time, money and energy. Suppose you win the tender several months after you have made your bid. In that case,you can quickly start planning and production without spending time understanding the cost estimation all over again.


Tips to help you succeed with your cost estimations and tenders:

Reuse information

A properly set up cost estimation allows the information to be used repeatedly during a project's lifecycle. You can also reuse the data for other similar projects. Work with the same structure across all projects so employees and subcontractors can easily familiarize themselves with the work. Make sure to correctly name each floor,room, folder and image, to simplify both submission of the project and the finalizing work.


Check costs that are easy to miss

Have you estimated all expenses? Permits, parking, the cost for production at a standstill, machines, dispose of excavatade materials, scaffolding or lifts etc., are easy to miss, meaning you risk not getting paid.


Do not forget to charge for changes and additions

The cost estimation will never be identical to reality. A good tip is to duplicate the estimate and try out different scenarios or materials. Look at the estimation as a map you can use to orient yourself, but do not forget to log all changes like extra hours and costs that appear along the way.


Work with IFC models if you can

Seeing the final project visually as a 3D model makes it easier for all involved parties. By combining 2D drawings and 3D models, you minimize misunderstandings and make it easy to plan and collaborate. In addition, you have all the quantities at hand so you can start estimating immediately.

To effectively create good takeoff lists that work for both tenders and production, a flexible tool and working method is required to collect, combine, structure and price takeoffs from various sources, such as 3D models, PDF drawings and other documents. Geometra helps you create fast and accurate cost estimates. Our estimation courses are included in your license, and our support is always available to help you with your estimations.

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