Take-off and Cost Estimation with Geometra

Geometra 4 is the next-gen cost estimation and take-off software for the construction industry. Combine the power of 2D and 3D take-offs, build your own cost estimation database and track project progression. All in one tool.

The construction industry is still young when it comes to broad access to simple yet powerful tools befitting both large and small scale entreprenuers. With Geometra 4 we take a big step towards making advanced technology simple and approachable for a wider range of companies within the construction industry.

Next generation cost estimation software is here!

Estimate with 3D / BIM

In Geometra 4 you’ll work as easy with 3D models as with 2D/PDF. Build your estimate from everything in an IFC-model or cherry pick the parts that are relevant for you and combine them with objects from PDF-files.

The 3D model is an effecient way of creating a common understanding of a construction project and streamlines the process between different actors in the project.

Clever estimation features

Geometra 4 is the next generation cost estimation software for the construction industry. Calculate materials, time and prices for different professions and stages in the same estimate. You can now work on multiple estimates within in the same project – perfect for calculating different scenarios and revisions.

Calculations can be stored in a register and reused for future projects to make cost estimation fast and accurate.

With you everywhere

Geometre 4 allows you to track and follow up you projects meticulously by setting status on files, objects and estimation rows.

In the field your project team can set status and track completion for each work step via Geometra 4 as it now support use from tablets.

Free 30-day trial!

Geometra 4 releases fall 2021. You have full support during your trial.