Project Settings

Under project settings, you will find billing, overheads, travel costs, allowances, materials. Under the house are all project settings such as hourly wage, profit and fixed costs. There are also additions that refer to the entire project.

  1. The hourly wage corresponds to the production capacity for those who are to perform the job.
  2. Salary supplement is a voluntary supplement that is paid in addition to agreements or performance requirements and which is stated per hour.
  3. Surcharge acc% can be used to increase the height of projects that extend over 2-3 years. Where any piecework prices or other agreements can be changed.
  4. Fixed costs, it is important that this figure is correct.
  5. Profit margin in% is a percentage of the bid amount.
  6. Travel costs, Km / day are used in the rest of Sweden and SEK / day are only used in Stockholm.
  7. Hourly rate is the effective hourly rate for this project, ie the value of one working hour excluding materials and VAT.
  8. Time wage% is the estimated time spent to compensate for obstacles, where 13% corresponds to 1 hour per day.
  9. Material +/-% is a surcharge in percent on the supplier's basic price list.

Here, each item is set up and added together to produce a tender amount.

  • The labor cost is the painter's salary.
  • The wage costs are FORA, social security contributions etc. So labor cost plus ancillary salary costs is what the painter (s) costs.
  • TB is fixed costs + profit.
  • TB% is how many percent is TB of the tender sum.

Material and price list

At the bottom right is "Select another database" here you can select the material and price list that you want to use, as well as which one is used on your project.

Always make sure you use the latest list due to price and material changes.

UE / Other costs

Under the tab UE / Other costs, it is possible to add other costs such as scaffolding or skylift.


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Open selected File in Estimate
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Select tool `Select`
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Select tool `Point`
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Select tool `Area`
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Select tool `Reduction` (when an Area is selected)
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Select tool `Ellipse`
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Select tool `Draw`
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Select tool `Comment`
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Select tool `Scale`
Ctrl + 0
New Folder
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2D / PDF

Select tool `Zoom Selection`
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`Zoom In`
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`Zoom Out`
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`Fit to screen`
Alt + 0
`Rotate left`
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`Rotate right`
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3D / IFC

Select tool `3D Navigation`
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Select tool `Move`
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Select tool `Zoom`
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Select tool `First Person`
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Reset view
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